In its home market, the Mini Countryman is regarded as a car that can attract fleet owners. So Mini is trying to offer UK clients the possibility of choosing a car that is both economical and well equipped.
For this, Mini is introducing the new Countryman Cooper D ALL4 Business model. Inside the car, Mini provides the Navigation System fitted as standard along with the Multifunction steering wheel which includes cruise control. Parking sensors, automatic headlights and wipers are also included. The additional standard equipment has been specifically chosen for fleet customers and represents a saving over the cost of standalone options.
Considering the importance of gas price for a fleet owner, the new Mini Coutryman Cooper D Business comes with the already popular 1.6 litre turbodiesel engine, delivering 112 hp and 270 Nm. All this with some of the best emission figures for a diesel all-wheel drive car, recording just 123g/km.
Mini Cooper D ALL4 Countryman is available for fleet customers now with an on the road price of £22,455. Monthly payments start from £199 which includes the Chilli Pack.