Michael Schumacher
has made progress since leaving the hospital and the rehabilitation center. As you may already know, the German Formula 1 Champion has returned to his home in Switzerland and now feeling much better. 

That was the cautious news on Thursday of Jean-Francois Payen. If the name sounds familiar to you is because the doctor is one of those who have worked with the hospital team on the critically injured driver in Grenoble.

"I kept seeing him, first at Lausanne, and now at home. It’s to see how he progresses and tell his wife and children what changes I observed. I have noted some progress but I would say we should give him time", said Payen revealed.

Asked how long Michael Schumacher’s recovery might take, Payen answered: "It’s like for other patients, we are on a timescale which goes from one year to three years and we need to be patient. Anyway, he is in the best environment, (with) his family, his wife is surrounded by excellent advice and has implemented all it takes for it to move forward," added Payen.

Source: WCF