Meyers Manx has unveiled today a new prototype called Manx V. Drawing inspiration from the original model, the Manx V comes with a tubular frame chassis, a composite body and 17 or 18 inch alloy wheels. In our opinion, the new concept doesn’t look as rugged as its predecessor but the company says the car exudes "typical Meyers Manx hug-me styling" which is "pure, simple, emotional, lovable [and] functional."

Under the hood, the Meyers Manx V Concept comes with a 10 kWh LifeMnPO4 battery which powers an electric engine rated at 83.6 horsepower. The new Meyers Manx V Concept has a weight of just 779 kilograms and can hit a top speed of 100 km/h. 

According to Meyers Manx the new Manx V will go into production in the near future and the company says it could quality as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle / Low Speed Vehicle which would make it street-legal (depending on federal and state regulations).

Source: Meyers