AutoExpress has published their review with the Mercedes SLS E Cell, telling us what they think of the electric version Gullwing sports car.
The Mercedes SLS E Cell features 324 lithium ion batteries, that take around 3 hours to charge and give a range of about 125 miles plus four electric motors (one of each wheel) for a combined output figure of 527 bhp (7 percent less than the regular SLS) and 880 Nm of torque (a third more than the V8 powered model).
Accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in the Mercedes SLS E Cell takes 4.0 seconds so you do get supercar performance, however a few disadvantages when compared to the V8 model, is that this zero emission version is 400 Kg heavier, tipping the scale at close to 2 tons, and the steering is not as agile.
The Mercedes SLS E Cell is still a prototype, but the production version which is due in 2013 promises less weight and improved steering.   
Watch the Mercedes SLS E Cell review video after the jump.

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Mercedes SLS E Cell review video :

Source: Auto Express via YouTube