Initial photos and details with the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell prototype have leaked online.
Sources are reporting that production for the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell will start in 2013 and the first full electric vehicle coming from Daimler’s performance division will feature four electric motors that will be able to produce 526 HP and 880 Nm of torque.
The Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell will be able to rev to 12,000 rpm and accelerating from 0 to 100 Km/h (62 mph) will take only 4.0 seconds.
Compared to the regular Mercedes SLS AMG version, the electric E-Cell will be fitted with a new diffuser that generates more downforce, and a multi-link suspension with push-rod dampers at the front.
We expect to have official photos and details released by Daimler pretty soon so stay tuned.

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