Even though production for the McLaren Mercedes SLR has stopped for some time now, there seems to be no shortage of tuners who want to further improve on this model. One of these tuners is EDO Competition who turned the McLaren SLR Coupe into a supercar that is even more appealing in terms of both appearance and performance.
Visual changes include the flat black body finish, the 21 inch double spoke design racing wheels wrapped in high-performance tires and the stainless steel exhaust system which promises a more aggressive tune. The interior features a wide range carbon fiber components, bucket seats covered in a combination of leather and alcantara, and an upgraded sound system which also includes navigation plus TV and iPod integration.
Mechanical improvements performed on the Mercedes SLR Black Arrow by EDO Competition include a revised supercharger, a remapped ECU, an optimised intake system, bigger air filters, new exhaust headers, and high flow catalytic converters. As a result the Mercedes SLR Black Arrow by EDO Competition is now able to develop 722 HP @ 7,100 rpm and 890 Nm (656 lb-ft) of torque. Translated into performance, these figures mean that the new 0 to 62 mph acceleration time is 3.4 seconds while top speed is electronically limited at 214 mph (345 Km/h).
Edo Competition press release :
Flat black, extremely fast and striking, that’s the edo SLR Black Arrow.
The appeal of this mighty supercar created by edo competition is more
than just skin deep: It’s powerful, fast and attracts attention despite
its stealthy finish.
A McLaren SLR Coupe wearing a special flat
coating forms the basis for this unique vehicle. The Black Arrow could
have been designed for the race tracks of the world, but the
modifications go far beyond the flat black exterior. In addition to the
new stainless steel high-performance exhaust system, which provides a
truly impressive soundtrack, and the new edo 21 in. racing wheels shod
in high-performance rubber, the interior has been refinished in black
with carbon fiber trim.
Bucket seats with leather/alcantara
skins, the grippy alcantara steering wheel with shift paddles and custom
made carbon fiber pieces for the dashboard, center console and door
panels add racing flair to the interior. The cabin is further accented
with a new custom sound system featuring navigation, phone, TV and iPod
integration as well as a reversing camera.
The supercharged V8
engine now puts out 722 horsepower at 7,100 rpm and 890 Nm (656 lb-ft)
of torque. In order to achieve these numbers, the supercharger drive
ratio was modified and the ECU was remapped to accommodate the hardware
changes. A revised intake system, new exhaust headers, high flow
catalytic converters and air filters help the engine breathe better. The
powertrain engineers used a dynamometer to build new ECU maps and
change the on-board diagnostics system accordingly. The result is an
ideal tune with perfect power delivery.
The performance figures
speak for themselves: 100 km/h (62 mph) is reached in just 3.4 seconds
and the needle hitse needle crosses the 300 km/h mark (186 mph) in a
phenomenal 24.5 seconds.rfect power delivery.d ed to accomodate the
hardware the 300 km/h mark (186 mph) in a phenomenal 24.5 seconds. The
new found power also has an effect on top speed, which now stands at an
electronically governed 345 km/h (214 mph).
The SLR Black Arrow
by edo competition is an exceptionally performance-minded-ed version of
nts a d system featuring navigation, phone, tv and iPod integration as
well as a r version of the legendary supercar, and with a little luck
you might be able to see it at one of the many race tracks of the world.
All modifications are carried out exclusively at edo competition Motorsport GmbH in Ahlen. 

Source: Edo Competition