In recent months there have been a shocking number of fatal accidents caused by so-called wrong-way drivers. Mercedes has now developed an assistance system which aims to eliminate this threat and can even prevent drivers from driving unintentionally in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic. 
The new traffic sign assistance system designed by the Stuttgart-based premium manufacturer is able to recognise no-entry signs and issues an acoustic and visual warning to the driver if he should stray on to the incorrect carriageway and become a dangerous wrong-way driver. Three loud beeps are issued and a red no-entry symbol lights up in the display in order to make the driver aware of the danger.
The system can also prevent drivers from entering the motorway via the wrong slip road.

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The new system will be available for the new Mercedes S-Class, due to be launched this year, and for the facelifted E-Class. It will then be gradually introduced into other models. 
Initially the system will be designed primarily for use in Germany. Mercedes is however working intensively on adapting the system for use in other countries.

Source: Mercedes