Mercedes is working hard to catch-up the other German rivals, Audi and BMW, who developed not only LED headlights but also laser headlights.
The Stuttgart-based manufacturer tries to impress its clients with a new generation of LED headlights, unveiled this days. The new technology will enter production and will be used accross the all range.
Instead of the 24 LEDs of the gridded high beam module in the CLS headlamp, 84 LEDs per headlamp will be used on future Mercedes models. In the mid term, as many as 1024 pixels per LED will enable optimum illumination of the road at every speed and in all traffic conditions.

announces that it will be incorporating an additional High Range LED high beam into its LED headlamps. This will provide high beam ranges of over 600 m (about 1/3 mile) in driving situations without any oncoming traffic or vehicles ahead.
The headlamp control technology combines the gridded light source with the proven mechanical technology of the LED Intelligent Light System, and the high-performance LEDs provide for a range of 485 m (less than 1/3 mile).