Daimler has continued working on armored patrol vehicles, improving on the LAPV 5.4 and revealing  the Mercedes G Wagon Concept which has been code named the LAPV 6.X.
The Mercedes G Wagon Concept will extract power from a common rail diesel unit for which capacity was not mentioned, but thanks to which the LAPV 6.X will be able of reaching top speeds of 150 Km/h while also being able to pull 1.3 tons worth of cargo.
The Mercedes G Wagon Concept has a wheelbase of 2.85 meters and the variable lift suspension at the front and the coil-over air shock absorbers at the rear, that are adjustable while the vehicle is moving, help offer a ground clearance of 450 mm.
Stoppage power is offered by the performance hydraulic
braking system with four ventilated disc brakes while some of the technology inside this ultimate ‘go anywhere’ vehicle includes the EADS vehicle data recorder system, EADS integrated communication system for UHF and VHF bands, EADS integrated mobile command and the EADS jamming system.

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Source: Mercedes