Some people find the current Mercedes E63 AMG not so scary with its 557 hp found under the hood. Here comes Posaidon tuning company, who promise to take things to another level. A crazy level, if you ask us. This will help customers who want a sheep in wolf`s clothing.
To be more specific, the V8 engine developed by AMG was tweaked by Posaidon so that it can deliver an impressive 853 hp, which means 296 hp over what we find on the standard version. Impressive performance also for the torque, which was increased from the standard 720 Nm to a hefty 1300 Nm. No wonder the maximum speed is at 345 km/h (214 mph), electronically limited.
The improvements include two upgrade turbochargers that have been installed in connection with a changed charging air cooling. Furthermore, the suction paths of the 5.5 litres V8-biturbo drive have been optimised and the original exhaust system has been replaced by completely new exhaust technology, including turbo downpipes, racing sports catalysers and flap control.
Those who don’t want this amount of power have other performance stages from 630 to 749 hp.