A few months ago we have heard some rumors which said that Mercedes-Benz is ready to shut down the X-Class pick-up truck production. The reason was a good one: the sales volumes were down and it was unprofitable for the company.

Now we have the official confirmation. The announcement was made by a representative of the Mercedes-Benz in an interview for Auto Motor und Sport in Germany.

He said that the X-Class is a niche product and it recorded good volume sales only in Australia and South Africa. Also, the Mercedes-Benz official said that the company bosses are regulary check the global portfolio to figure out which models should stay and which should go.

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Judgning by the numbers, the X-Class was not a good product. Available since towards the end of 2017, the X-Class was sold in only 16,700 units in 2018 during its first full year on sale. In 2019, the numbers got down to 15,300 units.

According to the same Mercedes representative, the X-Class production will end in May.