Volker Mornhinweg, Mercedes-Benz Vans boss, has told us that the upcoming pickup model "won’t be a fat cowboy truck for North America". The German official has talked to our colleagues from Car Magazine and he also told us that the future truck won’t go head-to-head with Ford, General Motors and Ram as they already own 90% of the market. A new competitor will face an arduous uphill battle.
As you remember, Mercedes-Benz pickup will be based on the upcoming Nissan Navara and it will be produced in Barcelona, Spain and Cordoba, Argentina.
"We shall take account of this trend by offering a wide choice of drivetrains as well as three different equipment levels provisionally labeled workhorse, dual use and leisure and family. Marketing expects dual-use to be the undisputed best-seller with the base and premium packs splitting the remaining 50%", said Mornhinweg, regarding the Mercedes-Benz and Renault-Nissan cooperation.
According to Mercedes-Benz, the axles, frame and body structure will reportedly carryover but the styling and the engines will be brand-specific. Under the hood of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz pickup we will see four- and six-cylinder units diesel and petrol ones that will be matted to a six speed manual gearbox or to a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Source: Car Magazine