The guys from Carbon Motors have unveiled a customized Mercedes-Benz G-Class which comes with a luxurious interior. As you already know, the guys from Carbon Motors have declared war to all plastic elements and now the dashboard, center console, and door panels have all been upholstered in black leather.

But there is more. The company also added some carbon fiber trim, an Alcantara headliners and diamond-quilted seats with red contrast stitching. More than that, they have added some sound deadening material and have updated the audio system with a JL subwoofer.

Another important fact about this unit is that it was also modified by MD Commerce. Unfortunately, the company declined to say what modifications were made but we can see some LED headlights, a winch and aftermarket wheels wrapped in off-road tires. The model also has a reworked suspension and an upgraded engine but there’s no word on specifics.

Source: Carbon Motors