Mercedes-Benz is on a sprint to unveil as many electric models as they can. I was just joking, but the German car manufacturer is definitely in a race to deliver more and more electric luxury and performance.

As you may have read, the EQS is here and is pretty impressive. But soon, the top of the range model will be linked to a smaller one. Its name will be EQE and it will be a sedan similar in size to the current E-Class.

It will probably use the same architecture as the EQS, which means great aerodynamics and good range.

The official unveiling of the new Mercedes-Benz EQE was scheduled for the current Munich Auto Show in September. In order to keep the fans happy, the German car manufacturer has published a couple of teaser pictures of the model. Also, during the 2022 Munich Auto Show, the Germans will unveil an all-electric AMG.

Source: Mercedes-Benz