Mercedes-Benz has announced that the B-Class F-CELL experimental vehicle has managed to cover more than 300.000 kilometers under normal everyday conditions. According to Mercedes-Benz, this proves that fuel cell vehicles are reliable.
“The test is a step in the direction of series-ready application of the fuel cell drive train,” said the jury formed of experts from economics, science and politics after giving the "f-cell Award 2014" to B-Class

The experimental B-Class F-CELL was on the roads with customers in Europe and America since 2010 and now Daimler has a fleet of more than 300 vehicles that have managed to reach more than 9 million kilometers (5.6 million miles). 

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As you expect, all these lessons learned by using the car everyday will be used to develop the next generation of fuel cell electric vehicles. According to Daimler, the German car manufacturer wants to develop a common drivetrain tougher with Ford and Nissan. 

“We have clearly demonstrated that the fuel cell electric drive is ready for the road. The last hurdles we will overcome in intensive cross-industry and cross-border teamwork,” said Prof. Herbert Kohler, Vice President Group Research and Sustainability, Chief Environmental Officer of Daimler AG.

Source: Mercedes-Benz