As you may have read, Mercedes-AMG is the newest German division of the Daimler AG. According to a recent report published by Motoring, the new Mercedes-AMG will eventually offer models with autonomous driving technology. 
At the beginning of the year, we have seen the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion concept and this technology will eventually be carried over to the Mercedes-Benz sporty division. In an interview with our colleagues from Motoring, the division’s president Tobias Moers said driverless tech won’t kill high-performance cars. Both of the technologies can peacefully coexist.
"If there is still a button to turn it off, that’s the better way for us at AMG", said Moers, during the 2015 New York Auto Show. The Mercedes-AMG boss likes the idea of choosing when to drive and when to let the vehicle to control the ride. According to Moers, the autonomous technology will pay his debts when driving is not enjoyable and when you have a lot of work to do on the go.

Source: motoring