McLaren understood it can make a lot of money by tuning its already sold cars. The Uk-based manufacturer decided to introduce a program that will assign McLaren Special Operations in modifying current supercars.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Defined accessories, offered and installed through McLaren retailers, can now be widely applied to any McLaren Super Series models from the 12C to the 675LT and at any point in the car’s ownership. 

The accessories enhance the design of the car and also frequently bring a performance advantage, as a result of weight saving.

Among the exterior embellishments in the MSO Defined Super Series collection are a Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser, which reduces weight and enhances airflow, and Carbon Fibre Mirror Arms which can be coupled with matching mirror casings. 

The range also includes Carbon Fibre Louvered Front Fenders, which take inspiration from McLaren historic race cars, such as the renowned 1970 Can-Am winning McLaren M8D to save 0.5 kilograms over the standard equivalent. 

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They feature vented wheel arch liners, to remove turbulent air from under the wheel arches giving more grip over the front axle. Also available is a carbon fibre bonnet that is finished in visual carbon fibre for increased impact, as seen on the limited-edition McLaren 650S Can-Am model. 

Interior enhancements begin with MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Vent Bezels. Carbon Fibre Sill Tops highlight the driver-focused design of the cabin, as well as protect the sills of the MonoCell structure.  While likely to interest the track day enthusiasts are a Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel, which can be trimmed in leather or Alcantara®, and Extended Carbon Fibre Gear Shift Paddles.