The McLaren P1 was unveiled to the world as a design study at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012. Since then, development of the technology beneath the carbon fibre skin has continued.
Using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) aerodynamic modelling and bespoke Formula 1-derived dynamics simulation tools detailed analysis has continued hand in hand with physical testing to accelerate the further development of the McLaren P1.
The development team worked closely with McLaren Automotive technology partners on bespoke components and developments, including Akebono on a highly-efficient braking system, Pirelli on high performance tyres and Mobil 1 on leading cooling, lubrication and hydraulic fluids.
The striking camouflage being worn on the development cars was designed in-house by the team behind the shape of the car. The graphic incorporates the outlines of famous circuits from across the world, each of which is significant in the history of the brand.