Lamborghini has the Urus, Bentley has the Bentayga, while Rolls-Royce has the Cullinan. Soon, Ferrari will come up with the Purosangue, but there is one supercar builder which won’t fall for SUVs.

Yes, you guessed it, McLaren and Mike Flewitt, CEO of the company, soon said that the car manufacturer he runs won’t come up with an SUV.

“But we have stayed very true to the concept of making supercars. That’s a question I get in some markets: ‘Are you guys going to do an SUV?’, or ‘Are you guys going to do an EV?’ The answer is no, we’re not,” said Flewitt in a recent interview.

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“The answer ‘no’ is an entirely rational one. Our brand is completely grounded in motorsport, supercars, and drivers’ cars. It is way too early to be stretching the brand into other areas and trying to give brand credibility to a product that clearly has nothing to do with our history.”, added a McLaren official.

But in the near future, we will see hybrids made by McLaren.

“I’m honest enough to say we only hybridize cars to meet environmental legislation to stay compliant. After 2022-23 I can’t see us launching any non-hybrid cars.”

McLaren Artura will be the first confirmed hybrid made by the British car manufacturer.

Source: Car Magazine