McLaren has unveiled the new Artura GT4 race car. The car was officially unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it features not only a unique design but also technical improvements.

Compared to the street Artura, the GT4 version is 130 kilograms lighter. In order to make it even better than the road car, the engineers have modified the internals in order to come up with a lower center of gravity and better balance. Don’t forget that the plug-in hybrid system has been shaved off because the V6 alone can deliver the power needed for the GT4 regulations.

Aside from the simplified powertrain, the Artura GT4 has a different seven-speed transmission. This one replaced the road car’s eight-speed gearbox. There is also a rear-mounted mechanically limited-slip differential.

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The Artura GT4 comes with some improved aero. Needless to say, the new race car from McLaren will be a direct competitor to the newly unveiled BMW M4 GT4.