Inspired by some of the most famous Italian driving schools on ice, Maserati decided it has to offer its clients a simmilar experience. The Trident was already offering the Master Maserati Driving Courses, who teached everyone who to properly handle a supercar. Now, the training program is extended with the SnowMaster Experience Lapland edition and Master Premium.

Beginning in March, for the first time, Maserati have created an extraordinary, exclusive “SnowMaster Experience” in Lapland. At its core, control in extreme conditions on snow and ice at Arjeplog, just 70 km from the Arctic Circle.

Here participants will improve their driving skills and fully exploit Maserati cars’ performance even in the most extreme conditions, in a two-day course.

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The “SnowMaster Experience” will be held along the scenic tracks of Lapland, the ideal location for learning all the skills required to driving. Participants will have the opportunity to drive in the same conditions and on the same testing areas where all Maserati cars are tested in-depth at low temperatures during their development phase.

The second innovation is the “Master Premium”, a two-day course packed, focusing on advanced GT driving techniques with safety and sporty driving as its aim. The perfectly balanced, carefully developed course is taught by top professional instructors. This advanced course includes in-depth telemetry analysis and exercises in oversteer control, as well as several other emergency driving skills.

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All the other Master Maserati Driving Courses will be held at the Autodromo Varano de’ Melegari, approximately 20 km from Parma.

The circuit is perfect for developing driving skills and combines excellent track characteristics with professional facilities, ensuring that track sessions take place with maximum safety, under the careful teaching supervision of the best Master instructor-drivers, selected and led by former Formula 1 driver Andrea de Adamich.