Even if Sergio Marchionne did not imagine a Maserati that can reach high grounds and difficult terrain, tuner Loder1899 thought of this approach. So it decided to give the current Maserati Levante a chance in off-road. It comes available with either the 430 hp 3-liter 6-cylinder petrol version or the 275 hp diesel. 

But besides that, it has the ideal wheels for both town and country. Faithful to their motto "everything’s possible" the Loder1899 team have developed the 18 inch wheel Klassik for the Levante. Loder1899 tire of choice is the all terrain Mickey Thompson STZ 265/60 R 18.
The 9" wheel is offered as the Klassik and the Klassik B with replaceable front-end protection and also as the Legacy Forged version.

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Loder1899 also has the Leander 12 ten-spoke matt black 9×22" alloy rim mounted with 265/40R22 Continental tires.