The new Alfa Romeo 4C is a very special car. It has a unique style an efficient engine and, of course, the retro Alfa Romeo DNA looks. According to the gents from AutoExpress, Maserati wants to make their own version of the 4C. 

The Italian officials think that a Trident branded variant of the 4C will help them to achieve the target of selling 50.000 cars per year by 2015. 

According to Harald J. Wester, a Maserati own version of the 4C is "a nice idea". If the project gets the green light it will probably see under the bonnet a new V6. 

We are talking about the same engine used by Maserati Ghibli which can deliver 330 horsepower. This amount of power will justify the price difference between an Alfa and a Maserati sport model.

Source: Carscoop