The latest tuning proposal for the Audi S8 V10 comes from Mariani’s customization specialists. The Mariani Audi S8 if offered in a complete package that features discrete exterior mods as well as a power increase for the regular 5.2-litre V10. So thanks to the company’s engineers the Mariani Audi S8 has been given an extra 51hp and is now able to unleash 501 hp as opposed to the 450 hp packed by the stock version. To harness this massive amount of power in a safely manner the Mariani Audi S8 also features a 60 mm lowered height and a stiffer body.
Exterior elements on the Mariani Audi S8 V10 include white color 19 inch alloys, a new black painted front grille, read painted break calipers and a new exhaust system with massive tailpipes. Details on the Mariani Audi S8 price were not released.

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Source: Mariani