The refinement program for the Ferrari F12 is performed especially in
light carbon bodywork. There also is a powerful engine performance
increase, as well as light-alloy rims manufactured specifically for
the car.
The front was completely reworked.

Part of the expressive front is a
newly designed bonnet as well as a downforce-generating front spoiler
with special air intakes, which seamlessly merges into the wing
sections. With the broadening MANSORY has given the Ferrari F12 a more
masculine appearance. It also fits the side skirts, which in addition
calms down the air flow between the axles.
The newly designed rear
end, with a discreet rear wing and the integrated diffuser ensures not
only a perfectly shaped end, it also stabilizes the rear axle and
provides for the necessary addition of downforce.
The power kit consists of a modified ECU together with a sports
exhaust system. This increases the performance of the 6.0 litre
twelve-cylinder engine from 740 to 775 hp (570kW). The torque lies at
an additional 35 Nm (Series: 690 Nm).

The stainless steel sports
muffler with its impressive sound underlines the sporty appearance of
In order to take the performance of the STALLONE into account, the
company developed especially light forged wheels in 21 (front axle) or
22 (rear axle) sizes.
The use of ultra-light aluminium alloys and the
resulting reduction of the unsprung mass, has significantly improved
the acceleration, the braking distance, and the handling. High-
performance 255/30/21 front and 355/25/22 rear tyres are fitted.

Source: Ferrari