Mansory Switzerland AG revealed at Geneva this year their latest tuned version of the Porsche Carrera 911 that concentrates on improving engine performance, handling and aerodynamics. In order to save weight the new Mansory Prosche Carrera 911 comes equipped with PU-RIM manufactured elements while the hood is carbon fiber. Also improving performance on the Mansory Porsche Carrera 911 is the fourpipe exhaust system that gives optimised exhaust gas flow helping the car achieve better 0 to 60 mph timing along with the new sideskirts that reduce air flow between axles. The special fact about the exhaust system though is that the driver has the ability to change the way it sounds and can do that by remote control also. 
Regarding interior, the Mansory Porsche Carrera 911 includes anti-skip aluminium pedals, a redesigned steering-wheel and various carbon elements.
Mansory Press release:
World premier at the 79th Geneva Auto Salon 2009
High-quality refining programme for the new Porsche 911 by
MANSORY Switzerland
The company Mansory is situated in Bavaria and one of the top addresses for
refining premium sports cars. Whether Bentley, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Ferrari or
Porsche – the refining specialist shows its technical talent for every automobile. The
subsidiary company Mansory Switzerland AG, the in-house expert for Porsche cars,
presents a comprehensive tuning programme for the model 911 from the recently
revived Porsche Type 997 series at the Geneva Auto Salon 2009. This tuning
programme mainly focuses on improvements concerning the aerodynamics, engine
performance and handling of this sports car icon.
Modular spoiler pack allows various design possibilities
When developing the 911-programme, the Mansory engineers attached great
importance to an individual design, but also aerodynamic efficiency. In order to save
weight and guarantee highest quality standards, the body components are made of
PU-RIM. Also, parts of the serial auto body are made of this resilient and inherently
stable material. The core part of the body kit is a lift-reducing front mount in a
sportive-dynamic look. In connection with the hood, the front apron offers various
design possibilities. On the one hand, it forms the perfect symbiosis with the serial
hood, as an especially designed inlay allows a seamless junction. And on the other
hand, the apron can be combined with the Mansory carbon hood whose striking side
beads demonstrate individuality and underline the sportive character of the
modification. The rear apron is not less impressive: it accommodates the new fourpipe
exhaust system and therefore renders a harmonic rear finish. The visual
perfection of the aerodynamics pack is accomplished with the side skirts which also
fulfil functional tasks. They significantly calm the air flow between both axles.
Sport air filter and amended exhaust system enhance the performance
The power engines also profit from the comprehensive changes of the 911 engine
range. But here, the engineers do not perform any excessive open-heart surgery, but
only replace existing parts by modified proprietary developments. A new sport air
filter and a new exhaust system come into operation. Especially the exhaust system
renders an optimised exhaust gas flow. This enable the 911 to accelerate from 0 to
100 km/h even faster than the serial versions.
But the special highlight of the exhaust system is the integrated throttle system which
– if desired – can also be operated by remote control and allows changing the sound
Light alloy rims and sport running gear in approved MANSORY quality
The refining specialist developed a forged wheel with an exclusive design which was
tailor-made for Porsche requirements. The one-piece wheel with five double spokes
measures 8.5 x 20 inches at the front and 12 x 20 inches the back. Not only its
sportive look, but also its excellent manufacture makes it so impressive. The
reduction of unsprung masses by the exceptional and elaborate production
technology does not only lead to a shorter braking distance, but also improves the
acceleration and the handling of the car. For best possible grip, Mansory uses
Michelin Pilot Sport wheels sized 245/30 at the front and 325/25 at the rear.
Moreover, the newly developed running gear which lowers the car´s centre of gravity
by 30 millimetres also sets sportive accents.
Interior programme for exclusive tastes
The crowning finale to the Mansory Porsche refinement is the interior applications. Of
course, only the most precious materials are used. The leather, e.g. for the seats and
the dashboard, is extremely resilient, but still enormously soft. With its individual
graining and the perfectly applied decorative stitching, the newly designed sport
steering-wheel and its environment render an extravagant impression. In order to
emphasise the dynamic character even more, Mansory customers can equip their
interior with anti-skip aluminium pedals and real carbon components.