The British Automaker announced it will unveil the Lotus PROTON Concept in Geneva next week. Powered by a 3 cylinder, 1.2
litre Lotus Range Extender engine and an electrical drive system, the Lotus PROTON Concept is a city car designed by Italdesign intended to offer low emissions.
The Lotus PROTON Concept will be able to run in electric-only mode, and power will be sent to the wheels via a single-speed transmission. When drivers intend to take longer trips the Lotus PROTON Concept will use the small petrol engine to generate energy for the battery that is linked to the the electrical motors. 
More details and photos with the Lotus PROTON Concept as soon as the Geneva Motor Show will open its doors.
Lotus press release :
Lotus Engineering, the world-renowned automotive consultancy
division of Lotus Cars Limited today announces its latest series hybrid
vehicle technology application in the PROTON Concept, which will be
unveiled at the 80th International Geneva Motor Show. The complete
hybrid drivetrain in the PROTON Concept city car has been developed by
Lotus Engineering and it includes the Lotus Range Extender engine,
designed specifically for series hybrid vehicles.
Concept, a plug-in series hybrid city car, has been styled by
Italdesign and will be unveiled on the Italdesign stand at the Geneva
Motor Show. Lotus Engineering has designed and integrated the complete
drivetrain, including the electrical drive system with single-speed
transmission, which delivers low emissions, optimised performance and
acceptable electric-only operating range for city use. For longer
journeys, when the battery charge level falls, the 3 cylinder, 1.2
litre Lotus Range Extender engine is used to replenish the charge in
the battery and provide electrical power for the drive motors. The
battery can also be recharged via an AC mains domestic outlet to
achieve initial electric-only operation.
Dr Robert Hentschel,
Director of Lotus Engineering said: “The hybrid drivetrain of the
PROTON Concept is another example of Lotus Engineering’s expertise in
electrical and electronic systems and efficient performance engines.
The high efficiency Lotus Range Extender engine, which we unveiled to
great acclaim at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show last year is perfectly
suited for the advanced series hybrid we have created for the PROTON
Concept city car.  It is an exciting example of the diverse range of
highly efficient total propulsion systems that Lotus Engineering
continues to develop for its partners and clients.”
Holdings Berhad Group Managing Director, Dato’ Haji Syed Zainal Abidin
Syed Mohd Tahir said, “Our collaboration with Lotus and Italdesign on
progressive technology and design will further propel our
competitiveness in the world market. Through this association, we
strive to acquire and jointly develop new knowledge, skills and
technologies that will ultimately benefit our customers.”

Source: Lotus