Recently launched on the US market, the new Lexus LC is already available with a special edition. It is called  2018 Lexus LC Inspiration Series it is built in a limited edition and features an exclusive deeply saturated, iridescent Structural Blue color.

This vehicle is the first in a succession of Inspiration Series vehicles Lexus plans to create for each of its flagship models.

The car is celebrating the attributes of sophistication, performance and innovation embodied by the Black Panther character, King T’Challa, and his home country of Wakanda. 

With only 100 slated to be sold in the U.S., the Lexus LC Inspiration Series features a first-of-its-kind paint technique called Structural Blue. Inspired by the morpho butterfly, the paint is developed through an eight-month process. While the paint  contains no actual blue pigment, its unique construction reflects blue light and highlights the vehicle’s dynamic design and features to produce a compelling motion effect even when parked.

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Additional features of the Inspiration Series LC include unique carbon fiber scuff plate, bespoke white interior, 21 inch forged alloy wheels, Signature Barneys sommelier set, a limited-edition collection of barware inspired by the vehicle’s design.

The Inspiration Series LC will be available in Spring 2018 and pricing will be announced closer to that time.