Lexus has made public their plans for a ground breaking new hybrid model, the LF-CC. Sleek aesthetics are not something which we might ordinarily associate with the design of a hybrid vehicle but this new model from Lexus does away with tradition. The LF-CC Concept is wide and low, moving away from the typical hybrid look. The LF-CC looks essentially like a large sports car, a coupe.
Under the hood, the Lexus Hybrid pulls no punches. The generator and electric motor are prepared to support and assist a powerful 2.5 litre, four cylinder engine. Lexus are reportedly keen to bring some Japanese design philosophy into the production of the vehicle, striking a balance between the cutting edge of technology and practicality. Indeed, the LF-CC is one of the first concept vehicles which we have seen to offer significant power and style as part of a hybrid design.
Hybrid technology is undoubtedly creeping into modern vehicle design across the market. The need for improved energy efficiency is positive in both financial and environmental aspects. The market for hybrid vehicles is rapidly expanding and the incorporation of this hybrid technology into Lexus’s concept vehicles is of great significance, signalling the manufacturer’s response to an increasing demand for powerful, green road vehicles.
While they refused to release the finer details of the battery design in the LF-CC, Lexus UK did promise that it provided ‘class leading energy efficiency’. The emissions reportedly fall below the mark of 100g/km, making it very efficient indeed. The hybrid power-train seen in the LF-CC is expected to feature heavily in upcoming Lexus vehicles. The company are also reportedly flirting with the idea of releasing a convertible model of the upcoming IS.
However it’s not only the green design which made the Lexus LF-CC stand out during its time in Paris. The physical styling of the vehicle turned many heads. The most notable feature was the LF-CC’s ‘spindle grille’, which has featured on a number of past models including the sports Sedan and mid-size Sedan. This grille sets the balance for the vehicle’s appearance, directing the eyes slowly backwards front the prominent frontage. The LF-CC demonstrates that even in a self styled ‘new era’ of Lexus production, certain design elements have been held on to.
Despite being a two door vehicle, expected to compete as a coupé, the LF-CC is not all that small a vehicle. Anticipated to be powered by over 200 BHP and 2.5 litres engine capacity, the upcoming Lexus design seems to be aimed largely at an American market which craves power as a fundamental selling point. It is as yet unclear whether the hybrid power train will feature in every IS model.