Lexus has published a teaser picture of a new concept car. We do know that the new prototype will be an electric one, and we also know that it will be unveiled this Spring.

According to Lexus officials, the new concept car will preview brand vision, will start a new design philosophy and will be the muse for a future production model. More than that, the first model built on this new vision will be unveiled this year.

“This year, Lexus will take a new step forward in aiming to make the diversified lifestyles of our customers more rewarding. This Spring, we will unveil our new brand vision, along with a new concept, which illustrates our intentions for the future and marking the beginning of the next generation of Lexus. Furthermore, we will launch the first model under our new vision within this year, and we will continue to introduce new models next year and beyond”, said Koji Sato, Chief Branding Officer of Lexus.

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We can simply assume that the new model will be an electric one, Lexus being new in this world. Until now, the Japanese car manufacturer only unveiled the UX300e, which is the electric variant of the small SUV.