Lexus has released photos and a video with the LS 600h Landaulet, a one-off coachbuilt limousine which is going to be used at the wedding of Prince Albertof Monaco on July 2nd.
The car features a full hybrid powertrain which will allow the newlyweds to travel in zero-emission model at low speeds, plus in terms of styling, it uses a one-piece transparent roof developed by using advanced technologies from the aerospace industry.
Belgian coachbuilder Carat Duchatelet was tasked with converting the car, and they have worked on this project for more than 2,000 hours, focusing on maintaining the same levels of quality and safety as the original LS 600h L.
The first step in bringing the Lexus LS 600h Landaulet to life was creating computer generated simulations while after that, engineers have concentrated on reinforcing the car’s body-shell by using Kevlar and carbon fibre composite materials.
This meant that nearly 20,000 mechanical parts had to be dismantled, in order to ‘cook’ the composite parts on to the car’s chassis in a special oven.
The process of re-assembly was supervised by Lexus engineers and the result is a car with a single, lightweight, 8mm think polycarbonate shell which weights only 26 Kg and is fixed onto the Lexus’s body through two intermediary parts. 
The Lexus LS 600h Landaulet will be used by the royal couple to tour the principality after the marriage ceremony. 

Lexus LS 600h Landaulet Video :

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Source: Lexus