A new pair of photos containing the Lexus LF-LC have surfaced the Internet through the Brits from Autocar, and this time we get an even clearer idea of where the Japanese luxury brand in heading in terms of design.
The LF-LC Concept will premiere next week in Detroit at the 2012 NAIAS, but we suspect official photos and details to start heading our way before the show’s opening date.
As we previously stated the Lexus LF-LC is a 2+2 coupe with a futuristic look that resembles with the LF-Gh concept but also reminds of the LFA supercar, and with the initials in its bagging interpreted as followed: the LF stands for Lexus Future, the L is most likely related to the LS while the C stands for Coupe. 
Autocar claims that Lexus is planing a coupe-cabriolet version of the LS, so the LF-LC could be just a preview for that, with the production version expected to be called the LC600h.

Source: Autocar