Lexmaul Tuning is offering a PPC 3 System for the Volkswagen Golf 6 TSI that will increase power coming from the 1.4 litre engine. This device is connected to the diagnostic port and as a result the Lexmaul Volkswagen Golf 6 TSI will produce an extra 33 PS and 51 Nm of torque. This means that total output for the Lexmaul Volkswagen Golf 6 TSI is 192 PS and 291 Nm which is in the same ‘league’ as the VW Golf 6 GTI.
Besides this power package the Lexmaul Volkswagen Golf 6 TSI can also come equipped with a new stainless steel sports exhaust system that is available for 575 Euro.
The Lexmaul Volkswagen Golf 6 TSI PPC 3 System costs 899 Euro but the tuner offers a discount price of 1,369 Euro for those who buy both upgrades together.
Lexmaul press release :

Lexmaul:  TSI becomes  GTI
- With the press of just one button!
offer good products for just one brand when they function well for other
manufacturers?  After all turbo
engines are not only to be found in Opels but in the whole Volkswagen Group.
For this reason for 899 Euros Lexmaul has recently started offering its PPC 3
System – via a compressor and turbo – for the double charged 1.4 TSI engine.
The „Do it Yourself“ device is simply connected to the diagnostic port of the
respective vehicle and one press of the button later the performance enhancing
software is loaded on the engine’s steering device. And the best thing about it
is that restoration or updates are equally easily
carried out. The results
are  worth seeing. The 160 PS
engine variant is thus enhanced by around 33 PS to a sporty 193 PS and the
maximum torque increases by around 51 Nm to a fabulous 291 Nm.

newest attraction from Lexmaul, however, can be found beneath the car. A
stainless steel sports exhaust system is immediately available for the TSI.
This 3 inch system has a 100 series tailpipe on each side and optimises the
flow of exhaust gases from the catalyser. In addition it increases the
performance of the twincharger engine and lends the TSI a sporty sonorous and
yet at the same time unobtrusive sound. The rear view of this compact sportscar
also profits from the two aesthetically dimensioned tailpipes. Even at a
standstill it seems far more dynamic. Despite the high quality level the
Lexmaul sports exhaust system move in realistic lanes – and that for only 575
Euros. Of course it also has a EEC operating licence. That not only saves a
trip to the TÜV (Technical Control Board) but also the fees that are usually
paid there.

buying the PPC and the sports exhaust system in one package can enjoy a special
advantageous price. The Stage 2 package for the TSI can be had from 1,369

Source: Lexmaul