Apart from the Defender DC100 Concept, for which will we publish new official photos a little bit later, Land Rover has also unveiled the Defender DC100 Sport today in Frankfurt.
These new concepts "build on the essential elements of the Defender’s character" ad also allow Land Rover to explore new ideas and make people dream about the new upcoming models.
The company says that the Land Rover Defender DC100 Sport Concept is an expression of freedom and leisure, based on a lightweight fixed-alloy platform and featuring cutting-edge hi-tech materials taken from the aerospace industries.
Some of the new technologies showcased on both the Defender DC100 and the DC100 Sport include Terrain-i scanning which warns the driver of obstacles, Wade Aid which uses sonar to detect the water depth and adive the driver of optimum speed that should be used, plus the next generation Terrain Response system which automatically optimises the car according to the environment.
Also both the Land Rover Defender DC100 and the DC100 Sport feature permanent all-wheel drive, an 8 speed transmission, Intelligent Start Stop and a transfer case.The engines that are fitted on these concepts are 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrols and diesels with hybrid and plug-in capabilities.
Other highlights regarding the Land Rover Defender DC100 and DC100 Sport Concepts include a driver-activated spiked tyre system, the Driveline Disconnect system which decouples the rear axle in order to save fuel, and the ‘Always-on’ connectivity system which allows car-to-smartphone, car-to-car and car-to-base communication.
Through the Land Rover Defender DC100 and DC100 Sport Concepts the automaker is investigating the potential design of the future Defender which should be launched in 2015.

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DC100 & DC100 Sport Concepts
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