Stellantis, one of the biggest car groups in the world, has published its financial results for the first half of the year. During the presentation, the officials came up with some news about the brands’ future.

We all know that Stellantis will invest 30 billion euros ($35 billion USD) in going electric through 2025, and now we have some news about the manufacturer’s future line-up.

According to Stellantis, by 2027, Alfa Romeo will become a fully-electric car manufacturer. So no more Giulia AMR for you.

Also, the Lancia brand will go electric. Starting in 2024, all models sold by Lancia will be electrified, and by 2026, all new launches will be completely electric. Lancia will also come up with new models in the line-up. For now, they only have the Ypsilon, which is sold exclusively in Italy.

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DS Automobiles, another premium brand from Stellantis, will go electric by 2024. According to the officials, all new launches from 2024 will be 100% electric.

Source: Stellantis