Lamborghini has announced today that they have managed to sell 3.000 Huracans in just 10 months after the order books opened. As you may already know, the Huracan replaced the old Gallardo, a car which was on the streets for 10 years. 

The new Lamborghini Huracan is already a bestseller with 1.000 units sold in USA. According to the Italian car manufacturer, they want to see 3.600 units by the end of the year and this represents a great increase compared to the 2.121 units sold in 2013. 

More than that Lamborghini is also preparing new versions of the Huracan. The first one will be a convertible version which is scheduled to be revealed next year. In addition, we might see a rear-wheel drive variant and probably a Superleggera one. 

Source: Lamborghini