Reiter Engineering
has officially unveiled a package for the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. Named Extenso R-EX the car features a special body kit made from carbon fiber.
We are talking about new spoilers, modified side skirts, a special wing and a unique hood. In addition, the guys from Reiter have increased the width of the rear axle by 13 cm (5 inches). Also on the outside the car has redesigned headlights and taillights and a retuned exhaust. 
The Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 by Reiter Engineering also has race camshafts and new MAHLE pistons that are used to increase the power offered by the engine.

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According to Reiter Engineering only ten cars will be made and will have either a carbon black or titanium grey finish. The deliveries will start early next year for those who want to pay 248.000 Euros (about $300,000 USD).

Source: Reiter