2019 was a great year for Lamborghini, the Italian car manufacturer managing to deliver more than 8,000 cars, an all-time record. But 2020 was like no other year. In the pandemic conditions, Lamborghini did great and, according to the Italians, last year it delivered 7,430 cars globally, a decrese of 9% compared to 2019.

“The 2020 results are a clear demonstration of the excellent work that, despite the difficulties of a year of global challenges, was carried out by the entire Lamborghini team with enormous dedication and a spirit of resilience”, said Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

The United States was confirmed as the top market with 2,224 cars, followed by Germany (607), mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau (604), Japan (600), the United Kingdom (517) and Italy (347).

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Just like in 2019, the Urus was the best selling Lamborghini model with 4,391 units delivered. Both the super sports car lines made a significant contribution to global volumes: the V10 Huracan recorded growing numbers with 2,193 cars sold (+3%), alongside 846 V12 Aventador units delivered worldwide.