Christian von Koenigsegg is preparing another special car. Dubbed One:1 it will come with a weight – horsepower ratio 1:1. This will be the real value, because the One:1 weight will be measured with water, oil, fuel and other fluids inside. 

According to Koenigsegg chief, the car will boost 1.400 horsepower. More than that, the One:1 will be the quickest car in the 0 – 200, 0 – 300 and 0 – 400 km/h. The sprint from not to 400 km/h will be achieved in 20 seconds, with 25 seconds faster than the mighty Veyron. The top speed will be clocked at 450 km/h, more than the 431 km/h done by the Veyron without the electronic speed limiter. 

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According to Christian von Koenigsegg the prototype will be ready by the end of this year and the production will be limited to only six units. 

"No one needs a car like this but they just need to want one", said Christian von Koenigsegg.

Source: Koenigsegg