Kia Motors is recalling 25,192 vehicles sold in the UK for the replacement of a possibly faulty brake light switch on a variety of cars built between 2006 and 2011.

On-going monitoring of vehicle operations and Research and Development checks have discovered that in certain circumstances the faulty switch may cause the vehicle’s rear brake lights to not illuminate – or may not turn off after the brake pedal is released.

The vehicles affected in the UK include the previous model Carens, Sedona, Sorento and Sportage, some current Sorento and Soul models, and a very small number of Optima models.

The problem is caused by carbonisation on the switch contacts that can lead to the electric current being interrupted. The problem does not affect the braking performance or the operation of anti-lock brakes in any way. Kia Motors is not aware of any accidents being caused by this problem.

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Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by Kia Motors and will be invited to take their vehicles to their local dealer where the switch will be replaced free of charge. The switch change takes just a few minutes to complete and no other work is required.

Source: Kia