Last week, Hyundai has officially unveiled the new Kona B-segment SUV. This time we are jumping into Kia’s backyard to find out that the Asian car manufacturer will reveal the Stonic in July. The new Kia Stonic is based on the same platform as the Hyundai Kona and will feature a special design. 

The fist design sketches have been uploaded to the internet and we have had the chance to see them. On the exterior we see some interesting things that aren’t suppose to be on a Kia. This time, the Asian car manufacturer designed a car for youngsters and the design philosophy isn’t the same. But don’t get to excited because Kia will use on the Stonic some design keys found on the Rio.

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Speaking of Rio, the interior of the new SUV will feature some details that are found on the subcompact hatchback. For now we don’t have details about the powertrains, but we do have heared some rumors. According to those voices, the new SUV will feature the turbocharged 1.0 liter unit and a new 1.4 liter unit that can be found on the i30. For the diesel fans, Kia will offer the 1.4 CRDi. Unfortuntaly there are no plans for a 4WD version. 

Source: Kia