Kia revealed their all-new K9 flagship sedan which will be launched on the automaker’s home market (South Korea) during the first half of 2012.
Codenamed ‘RH’ the new K9 combines Kia’s ‘best of the best’ design with driving performance and new technologies. Its Korean market name, the K9 completes the K series range which include the FWD K5 (named Optima in the overseas markets) and the K7 (Kadenza) sedans.
The K9 will also be launched under a different name on the rest of the world’s markets, but that will be announced as we get closer to its overseas launch time.
Kia describes the K9’s design as futuristic, sophisticated and with a distinctive charisma, with the car representing an evolution of the company’s design principles.
Some of the main elements are the radiator-grille, the ‘high-tech luxury car’ style LED headlamps, the voluminous hood, the "simple but strong character line", the LED combination taillamps and the bumper integrated muffler.
Soon-Nam Lee, Director of the Overseas Marketing Group, said, "K9 is our
first rear-wheel drive large sedan, created without compromise in its
design, driving performance and new technologies.  K9 sets a whole new
level of standards and values in the large sedan segment, and its design
will be another Kia demonstration of our brand’s power to surprise the
Details referring to the engines that are going to be available for the new Kia K9 are not available right now.

Source: Kia