During the unveiling of the new five-year product and business plan for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on May 6, Sergio Marchionne announced its plans for increasing Jeep sales until 2018. This is part of a bigger plan, that targets 1.9 million units sold by the Fiat Group until 2019.
To help meet the target, Jeep has to increase its sales in markets like China and South America. Currently, Jeep is the only brand that can meet the target set in 2009. Back then, Marchionne said that the American brand would have to reach 800.000 units until 2014.
As last year Jeep total sales reached 730.000 units, this target is attainable. Moslty because now the range has expanded with the help of Renegade small SUV, recently introduced during Geneva Motor Show. According to Italian sources, the sales could reach one million units this year.
The new Renegade will lead the offensive, with its production scheduled to start along the Fiat 500X, its brother of platform, inside Italian Melfi plant. Here, 150.000 Renegades will be made every year. The smallest Jeep ever will also enter production in Pernambuco, Brazilian plant.