Tuners from JE Design decided to spice up the Seat Leon FR with boosted performance and exterior and interior modifications.
The JE Design Seat Leon FR has a 2.0-litre petrol engine for witch power has been increases from 211 HP (155 kW) and 280 Nm of torque to 270 HP (199 kW) and 355 Nm of torque, as a result of an ECU optimisation. This 1499 Euros enhancement enables the JE Design Seat Leon FR to sprint from 0 to 100 Km/h in 6.2 seconds, 0.9 seconds faster than the stock model.
For the Diesel equipped Seat Leon FR 2.0 TDI, Je Design tuners offer a 34 HP power boost, meaning that 204 hp (150 kW) and 380 Nm are developed instead of 170 hp (125 kW) and 350 Nm. The JE Design Seat Leon FR Diesel accelerates from 0 to 100 Km/h in 7.6 seconds.
As far as exterior elements the JE Design Seat Leon FR received wing doors, 19 inch multi-spoke design wheels, bold headlight blends, LED daytime running lights, a new front spoiler, side skirts, a rear apron that integrates the centre diffuser and a 4-pipe exhaust system.
Notable modification to the interior include the two-tone leather covering the seats, door linings and the centre armrest. Inside the JE Design Seat Leon FR the seats are also heated and can be fitted with a luxury massage system with 12 programmes.
Pricing details for each modification in the official press release below.
JE DESGIN press release :
JE DESIGN is spicing up the Seat Leon FR
• Performance rises up to 270 hp with the TSFI and
204 hp with the TDI
• Entire aerodynamics pack and four-pipe system
• LED daytime running lights and wing doors
• Interior refinement with two-colour leather equipment
At Seat, FR stands for Formula Racing. But that was not exciting enough for the JE DESIGN engineers. They turned the new Seat Leon FR into a real sports car which has significantly gained power and also shows it.
The Seat two-litre petrol engine produces 211 hp (155 kW) in the serial model. Due to an optimisation of the control unit, JE DESIGN increases the performance of the TFSI-engine by a good quarter to 270 hp (199 kW). The maximum torque leaps from 280 to 355 Newton metres. Instead of 7.1 seconds, the JE DESIGN-Leon reaches the 100 kph barrier in already 6.2 seconds. JE DESIGN offers the performance enhancement for 1499 Euros including VAT, assembly and a one-year warranty.
Also the Diesel engine becomes brawnier after JE DESIGN engineers put the finishing touches on their work. The additional electronics Can-Tronic boosts the two-litre TDI from 170 hp (125 kW) to 204 hp (150 kW) and the maximum torque from 350 to 380 Newton metres. Therefore the sprint from 0 to 100 kph is reduced from 8.2 to 7.6 seconds. The price is 1339 Euros and also includes VAT, assembly and warranty.
The Leon FR by JE DESIGN proudly presents this newly acquired power with bold headlight blends (89 Euros), LED daytime running lights (299 Euros) and its aerodynamics pack. The front spoiler with the double lip (279 Euros) draws the vehicle to the road. The side skirts (299 Euros) calm down the air flow which derives from the new rear skirt attachment (299 Euros) and the centre diffuser attachment (99 Euros) at the rear. There, the end muffler with its mighty four-pipe system (899 Euros) unmistakably confirms that this is no serial Seat.
By lowering the vehicle, the car receives a sportier look and a better handling at the same time. Owing to the lowering springs (159 Euros), the Seat is 35 millimetres closer to the road. With the coilover suspension (979 Euros), an individual lowering from 15 to 40 millimetres can be achieved. Therefore, the new 19-inch wheels look especially impressive. The elegant and dynamic design of the multi-spoke wheels glows in black and has a polished rim bead. Sport wheels measuring 225/35R 19 ensure a safe contact to the road (entire wheel set for 2930 Euros).
The most significant difference between the JE DESIGN Leon and its serial counterpart shows as soon as the driver opens the doors. The wing door hinges (1499 Euros) first open the doors outwards before they safely glide upwards.
And as if the refinement of the engine and the exterior were not impressive enough, JE DESIGN additionally enhances the interior. Seats, door linings and the centre armrest are all wrapped in noble leather (1599 Euros). Thereby, the colour combination between leather and stitches can be chosen without any additional charges. A two-stage seat heating (379 Euros) is offered as well as an adjustable lordosis support (319 Euros). But the highlight of the interior refinement is not visible: the driver and the passengers can indulge in the luxury of the massage system in the seats which offers twelve programmes (429 Euros). Moreover, the refiner offers to embroider a logo into the back rests (79 Euros) according to the wishes of the customer.
Moreover, the refining experts from Leingarten also offer noble leather for the steering wheel (399 Euros), the gear shift skirt and the hand brake cuff (together for 179 Euros).
With the Leon FR, JE DESIGN once again confirms its competence in refining Seat automobiles. With the performance enhancement, the entire aerodynamics pack and a keen eye for details, the engineers developed a dynamic and overall harmonious automobile.