Braking records has become very common lately. We saw the tightest parallel parking, the fastest vehicle on ice and so on. Britain’s fastest snowboarder, Jamie Barrow, and the Mitsubishi ASX managed to write their names in Guinness World record. 

Barrow and ASX went to the frozen lake of St. Moritz, Switzerland recording the fastest speed on a snowboard towed by a vehicle.

Being on a frozen lake, safety and preparation were a major factor when planning the project. The track was fenced off and piste bashers groomed the snow especially for the Guinness World Record attempt.

Strict criteria had to be met for the Guinness World Record officials, including completing a run in both directions with recording equipment to be set at 100m apart by an official. With 200m needed either side so that the Mitsubishi ASX could accelerate and slow down safely on the snow, a total run of approximately 500m was prepared.

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The very out run was recorded at 100.840 km/h, but because the criteria for the Guinness World Record states that two runs, one in both directions, has to be recorded, the return run back was recorded at 98.901 Kph.  With both runs averaged, it gives the Guinness World record speed of 99.871 km/h.