Tour de France was one of the most important competitions for Jaguar, who decided to partner with Team Sky in their try of wining the yellow t-shirt. To be sure that will raise sufficient awarness from its fans, Jaguar used as a support vehicle for Team Sky the prototype version of the current F-Pace.
The prototype version of the Jaguar F-Pacem which was used as Team Sky’s support vehicle on Stage 1 in Utrecht, returned to the race in a celebratory light camouflage as Chris Froome and his teammates crossed the finish line to celebrate the British rider’s second Tour de France win.
Jaguar has been a partner to Team Sky since its inception in 2010, providing support vehicles to the team, including the XF Sportbrake, F-Type Coupe and F-Pace. In 2014, Jaguar deepened their relationship with the team by becoming an official Innovation Partner, beginning to work more closely with the team and their partners to co-engineer products for the team to train and race with.