This next video presents the Jaguar CX75 Concept getting unveiled at the 2010 Mondial de l’Automobile and by looking at its performance figures and the technologies that have been applied to it, we have to say that this is definitely one of the stars in Paris this year.
The Jaguar CX75 Concept uses two turbine engines and four electric motors (one for each wheel), features technologies like torque vectoring and can reach top speeds of up to 205 mph.
From nought to 62 mph the Jaguar CX75 Concept takes just 3.4 seconds, and when running on just electricity it can cover 68 mph. When the turbine engines kick in (which act like range extenders), the Jaguar CX75 Concept can cover as much as 560 miles.
As with any concept car like the Jaguar CX75, many of its technologies and innovations pave the way for what is about to be offered on production models in the future.
Watch the Jaguar CX75 Concept debut video after the jump.

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Jaguar CX75 Concept video

Source: EVO via YouTube