Jaguar is offering a peak into the company’s future design language and technology by introducing the C-X16, a concept which will premiere at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show next week.
Designed as a compact, RWD, two-seater, the Jaguar C-X16 is built on an aluminium structure and features perfect 50:50 weight distribution.  
Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director at Jaguar Cars said  "The C-X16 embodies
the established Jaguar strengths of sensual design, animal-like agility
and inspirational performance and combines these with attributes that
set us on a course to create sustainable sports cars of the future."
The C-X16 measures 4,445 mm in length, 2,048 mm in width and 1,297 mm in
height, and has a wheelbase of 2,622 mm, with power provided by a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 and a Formula-1 inspired hybrid boost system.
The ‘innovative’ V6 delivers 380 PS (280 kW) and 332 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque while the hybrid system controlled via a steering wheel mounted ‘Push to Pass’ button offers a boost output of 70 Kw and 235 Nm of torque.
And that is not all, as the Jaguar C-X16 also comes with an 8-speed gearbox which features an integrated motor generator that draws power from a 1.6 kWh battery pack which gets charged through a brake energy recuperation system. Thanks to this combination, the motor can offer and additional 95 PS (70 kW) and 173 lb-ft of torque.
We’ve seen the power figures, it is now time to find out what the Jaguar C-X16 is all about in terms of performance. According to the automaker, the C-X16 can sprint from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 Km/h) in 4.4 seconds, (from 50 to 75 mph / 80 to 120 Km/h – in 2.1 seconds) and could hit a top speed of 196 mph (299 Km/h).
CO2 emissions levels are of only 165 grammes per Km, and Jaguar says the car can travel at speeds of up to 50 mph on just electric power (doesn’t mention for how long).

Jaguar C-X16 Video :

Source: Jaguar