We’ve seen their styling packages for the five-door version, and now German tuner Irmscher is introducing a new customization program designed to bring uniqueness to the Opel Astra Sport Tourer model.
At the front the Irmscher Opel Astra Sport Tourer features a new spoiler and restyled lower and upper grilles with the tuner’s honeycomb pattern, new side skirts and also a new roof spoiler.
The Irmscher Opel Astra Sport Tourer is also available with 18- or 20-inch size wheels (Turbo Star and Turbo Star Exclusive) plus the package is completed by a set of lowered suspension springs that position the car with 30 mm closer to the ground.
Pricing information regarding the Irmscher Opel Astra Sport Tourertreatment is available upon request.


Source: Irmscher