Infiniti decided to tease their upcoming range extended electric sports car concept which according to them will combine high performance on the open-road with zero emission urban mobility.
It will still take a while before we get to see what this concept is all about, as its debut is not scheduled for this week’s North American International Auto Show, but for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.
The new Infiniti electric sports car will have a mid-ship layout for optimal weight distribution and will represent a change of direction as far as the automaker’s design language. With this project the company wants to find out what might be the next step and how to deliver an engaging driving experience in an electrically propelled vehicle so it will definitely be interesting to see what will they come up with.
The concept is still unnamed, so the rest of the details that sum up everything we know about it so far is that it will represent a compromise between thrilling performance and sustainable mobility and that its style will be all new.  

Source: Infiniti